About Me

We know that life is about the journey and your pets are a big part of this journey. Whether your journey is backpacking in Patagonia, skiing in Aspen, glamping in the Sahara or helicoptering over New Zealand glaciers, play and discovery in our lives is essential to being and feeling “alive”.  I know this because this has been part of my life’s journey.  

I began ASPEN’S FRIENDS PET CARE LLC to partner with pet parents and help them experience their life’s journeys and adventures, while also enjoying a wonderful life with pets at home. My goal is to ensure your dog(s), cat(s) and other furry family members will continue to live a life of play, fun, and comfort, while you are away.

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My promise is that I will love your pets as much as you do, and my mission is to support your goals to ensure your pets have a rich life of experiences along with yours. I offer personalized pet sitting in your home tailored to your needs. 

The types of pet care needs are endless and will continuously change as you and your pet’s journey through each chapter of your lives together.  At ASPEN’S FRIENDS PET CARE LLC, I will partner with you to come up with a plan that fits you and your needs. I am licensed, insured & bonded, a proud member of Pet Sitters International, Professional United Pet Sitters LLC &  Pet Sitters Associates.     


Warmest Regards!

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